Automation in German <-> English translation
Services Offered by Verbalis

Core capability

Verbalis offer a document translation service in German to English and in English to German. We currently translate large volumes of technical, software and other documentation.

We deal with electronic documents in a variety of formats, including (but not limited to) XML, SGML, MS Word and RTF. We can offer a service for other file types or proprietary formats on demand.

Our machine translation system excels when translating in a clear domain area, where it uses an example database and analogical reasoning to guide translation and produce contextually appropriate results. For regular and large-scale customers we develop a custom example database (from existing linguistic resources), which will ensure that the approved style, agreed terminology and corporate language are applied across all translations. We also have some standard domains, which are suitable for a wide range of customers.

Our aim is to produce quality translations while saving time in the overall process of translation and delivering at a competitive cost.

Advanced services

As a service provider we are very focussed on adapting the application of our technology to meet the particular needs of our customers. We are familiar with other technologies used in the automation of translation and can integrate with them to provide the total solution that some customers require. For example we can work with translation memory input and output where appropriate in order to deliver further cost and time savings to our customers. We can therefore provide a complete solution, or, where more sophisticated translation and document workflow is needed, we can work with other partners to deliver powerful and scaleable solutions.

Current developments and future services

We currently translate primarily technical documentation from German to English and from English to German. Providing you have sufficient requirement to translate we can apply our technology to any type of documentation.

We are steadily expanding the system to cover other language pairs and subject areas. We welcome contact from any potential customers or partners and are keen to explore new uses for our ground-breaking technology.


Our prices depend very much on the requirements of each customer. The key issues are:

We are happy to quote on the basis of words or standard lines in the source text. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we will be able to give you a firm quote.


We are keen to work with partners to provide our services to a wider market. Typical uses are to provide a service to translation companies and agencies, where our system is used to provide a first translation in complex and demanding areas of document translation. This significantly cuts the overall cost of translation and thereby improves the competitiveness of many translation offerings.

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